Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bye Bye Big Bop!

(When reading this Post title, you should sing "Bye Bye Birdie" in your head)

Remember last year in January when I was talking about the Corner at Queen & Bathurst? Well, things are going to change there in the next couple months!

Seams like the Big Bop is now ancient history. Yes, it is now closed... and the Toronto's heavy music scene landmark is now gone (e.i. not the building, just the institution!). All these squeejees and "rich kids from Forest Hill who pretend to be anarchists" will have to go somewhere else. Where? Well, I dunno - you probably guessed by now that this is not my scene. Sorry folks.

But I do feel sad that the Queen St gentrification is pushing away some interesting aspects of this city urban life. At the end of the day, a large cosmopolitain city is not one without its diversity. Some people out there might even remember when the cool Queen & Spadina corner was only porn shops and filth. This wave of "pretty-clean-yuppy-people" is now reaching Bathurst. Sad reality.

But there is some positive aspects in gentrification! For exemple, the new owner of the Big Bop building cannot knock down the building (classified historic for this section of Queen Street). So they have to shed 3 millions $$$ into it. Not bad at all in my book! And wait, they are talking about it being the new Crate & Barel CB2 Store?!?!?!?!? Who am I to say it's wrong! Shopping for house outlet and furnitures? Count me in!

Perhaps they will rebuilt the 3rd mansard floor??? Like on this picture from 1928!!!

Trust me to keep an eye on that one!

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  1. Another great article. I'm so glad it is designated a heritage building, and I agree the mansard roof would bring it back to its former glory.

    As for the exciting rumour about it being a crate & barrel....well I'm second in line.