Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am not dead... buy Walnut Hall is!

Walnut Hall.JPG
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This is a message to show that this blog is not dead at all... I've been more than busy in the past month and I just can't keep up my "good work" on my Toronto blog... Sorry about that.

Anyhow, I am still here and I am still going on and about.

I wanted to share this flickr profile I found recently.

This is exactly the kind of torontonian that I like! I don't know him personaly, but one look at his images on tells me that he is into what I like the most: urban architecture - history - conservation.

I invite you to browse his many sets. Very very interesring to discover his point of view in images. Most of it in Toronto, but also other places.

The photo displayed here is from him. This was Toronto's best remaining Georgian row until it mysteriously collapsed in May 2007 (right when I moved here in Toronto.... Bienvenue to me???) Anyhow, it was sitting at George and Shuter....

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  1. hey Eric, glad to see you are back. keep posting!! :)