Monday, September 20, 2010

Ford as Mayor... Failure as a result!

Well well well!

It took me a municipal election to get back to blogging here - and believe my words: if I AM talking politics, it's because it's bad... real real bad. I usually keep my opinions for myself and I despite conversations where the main topic is anything political.

But this is scary.
Rob Ford might (will) win and become mayor of Toronto. I don't have enough words to tell you why that would be terrible. Instead, I invite you to visit this site: I think the people behind this are showing here why we should be concerned!

And for those who are "on the big F", please subscribe to this group:

And at last, here's something you should consider to do NOW:

Please send the attached letter below, to the four leading Candidates telling them to drop out behind an alternative to Ford, for the sake of Toronto.

Then forward this email to 10 of your friends and family, so that they can do the same, and so on...

Usually I wouldn't initiate this type of action... but at present things aren't looking good for the rational side of the vote for the Toronto Mayoral election.

Rob Ford carries the far right vote, and so is leading by a sizable amount in the polls, leaving the rest split by the other viable candidates. These candidates have publicly maintained that they will not drop out before election day. As things stand, at least a couple would need to come an agreement, where by they would fall behind another candidate to Defeat Ford.

If you believe in the future and the potential of Toronto, then you probably realize that it is important that Rob Ford does NOT win this election.

For more info about the election and the Ford issue go to:

Candidate email addresses:
Rocco Rossi
George Smitherman
Joe Pantalone
Sarah Thomson

Send this letter, to the four leading Candidates telling them to drop out behind an alternative to Ford, for the sake of Toronto.
Dear Mr./Mrs. Candidate,

I would like to thank you for your public service and commitment to bettering the city of Toronto. It is good to see that Toronto has a number of competent viable candidates running in this mayoral election cycle, of which I consider you one.

Toronto is a very exciting, growing, multi-cultural city, known round the world for it's diversity, green initiatives and standard of living. It has incredibly vibrant communities, with an amazing array of restaurants, and festivals throughout the year. Toronto is home to events that are the envy of most cities, The Toronto Film Festival, Caribana, and Pride are world showcase events for their respective communities, and demonstrate the openness, inclusiveness, and optimism that has become synonymous with living in this great city.

Can Toronto be improved? Yes, and great strides have already been made in developing the downtown core, and connecting it with the waterfront. This city has so much potential, and has the promise to become even better over the next decade.

Yet there seems to be a rather large problem. At the moment, standing in the way of Toronto and the fulfillment of it's promise, is Rob Ford. As I'm sure you agree, Rob Ford is completely unsuited and unqualified to lead a diverse city like Toronto, with all it's challenges and the need for innovation and vision, with clear policy ideas that would help the city grow.

As polling day approaches, consider the consequences of Rob Ford winning the Mayoral Race. It would be a catastrophe for Toronto! As we well know, he currently leads in the polls, however yourself and the other leading candidates have it within your power to change the situation.

So it is with the greatest respect, that I implore you to privately reach out to the other leading candidates to work together and come to an agreement, to swing behind and support a chosen candidate if the situation warrants it, for the good of your city.

Thank you very much for your time,


Your Name


It is difficult to over estimate the importance of you taking the time to send the letters and forward this email. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

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