Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wait a minute, is this old or new?

Since like "forever", architects take inspiration in old styles when it comes to creating the blueprints for new homes. Some major architectural movements are based on pure nostalgia of the past. There was (and still is) some good, and some very bad.

Don't get me wrong - when it is done well, a new built that is inspired by older homes is simply grandiose! And it's a pure success when it's matching the surrounding.

But sometimes it's just wrong, or simply weird. Like a full size scaled fisherprice home, the badly inspired "new comer" can look pretty hideous.

I don't know... do you really need:

- A garage door in front of the house?
- A facade made of stucco instead of brick, wood or stone?
- Cheap "off the shelves" windows and doors?
- Strange proportions?

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