Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Felician Sisters Convent & its twin, Rivervilla

It's been soooo long since I wrote something here that I won't even tell you how ashamed I feel about it! Instead, I will jump right in with a "Vanished Toronto" story!

The photograph you see up here is "Rivervilla” , a wonderful italianate villa that use to be at the northeast corner of Queen and River Street.  It was built for Thomas Davies (co-owner of the Daw Brewery situated just in front) in 1878... and of course was demolished in 1974 to make some space to the Toronto Humane Society. By then the house had such bad additions that it was considered "no good no more".

But this is where we are celebrating! The Rivervilla had a twin! And it's still standing today:

And the photo up here (by friend Scott!) shows that it's still "all there".  The twin, Leadlay House, is an exact mirror of the Rivervilla and it is unknown why. Even the architect of "the twin" is unknown apparently. The Felician Sisters are owning this house since the 1930's and it is probably one of the reasons why we can still enjoy this great piece of architecture.

2 thumbs up for the Sisters!

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