Sunday, April 19, 2009

John and Richmond Street Corner, 1935-2009

John & Richmond Street Corner - 1935/2009
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This is a shot of a corner that was nothing interesting in 1935... and still not very interesting nowaday! From small parking lot on a quiet corner of a residential street, it became a very busy corner in the middle of a busy Toronto.

The Montana sits in a building that was probably built just a couple years after the photo was taken in 1935. The victorian houses on the right are not there anymore, but if you look at the back on the left side, there is a building that still remains - minus the water reservoir.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

197 Spadina Avenue, 1891-2009

197 Spadina Avenue, 1891-2009
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Eric P + Concepteur + Designer + Graphiste

I really wonder what Dr. W.T. Stuart would think about what happen to his lavish nice house on Spadina... Being right there in downtown Toronto, Spadina Avenue went from residential boulevard to busy Chinatown.I would LOVE to know why this house had to go. Was it in decay? Was it just in the way?

I tried to find out more about this doctor and his house... I have to say I found nothing really, except that in 1883, he was the doctor of Herbert George Hawkins, who died within 2 weeks of bronchitis.... Thanks Google!